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American Steak House Seasoning

American Steak House Seasoning

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This restaurant-tested (The Hyatt of Cincinnati) blend gets its unique flavor from Smoked Paprika, and its great ability to create a crispy "char" from cane sugar.  The success to any great steak is cooking it hot and fast, so pre-heat your grill, season your favorite cut of meat with ASM Steak House seasoning on both sides. A thick steak is always a great steak because you have more ability to control the "done-ness" of the meat.  If you are new to grilling, we suggest using a meat thermometer to cook to your desired temperature. Tips for success:   Always let your steak "rest" (remove from the heat source and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. DO NOT CUT IT!) so it retains the flavorful juice of the meat. CAUTION: this product contains gluten. 

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4 Corners Southwest on Sea Scallops

Pat dry your choice of any firm seafood. Coat seafood with 1-2 Tbsp of 4 Corners Southwest Seasoning, shake in a bag. Sautee in hot skillet with light oil, Turn gently after 1 minute, cook 2 additional minutes to keep them tender. Leave in warm skillet but remove from heat to finish cooking. Serve on bed of rice and beans or your favorite grain.